Disappear Wax - Ear Wax Removal Service


COVID-19 Safety Protocol

The health and safety of our clients and staff is paramount, that is why we have adapted our working methods to reflect the challenging circumstances that COVID-19 presents

Please see below our COVID-19 Ear Wax Removal Safety Protocol.

COVID-19 Safety Protocol


Unfortunately, we are unable to offer our ear wax removal service if:

- You or anyone in your household are displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus or have been in contact with anyone who has contracted COVID-19.

- You are deemed by the government as high risk/vulnerable and are therefore following shielding measures.

- You have a perforated eardrum or grommet in-situ.

Step 2

All appointments must be booked by phone, there will be NO bookings made online.

You may be asked to complete a consent form prior to the appointment. This is to minimise contact time during the appointment.

Disappear Wax reserves the right to refuse any appointment if it is deemed unsafe to themselves or for you the patient.

All payments to be made before the appointment by cash being placed into a secure box. 

step 3

On arrival to the premises you will be asked to put on gloves and a face mask (supplied by us). Our practitioner will also be wearing gloves, face mask and an apron. 

Please show the practitioner through to the room the procedure will be taking place. No contact is to be made i.e. handshake and we ask that any speaking is related only to the procedure and kept to a minimum.

We request that you are the only person in the room for the appointment. If this is not possible and a companion is present, then he/she should maintain a 2m distance at all times and may be asked to wear a face mask.

Follow the instructions of the practitioner and please indicate if you do not understand anything.

step 4

On completion of the visit all PPE worn by yourself and the practitioner will be removed and placed in a disposable waste bag, knotted and then this bag placed inside a 2nd waste bag which will also be securely tied.

These bags will be left at your residence, to be kept separate from other waste and put aside for at least 72 hours before being put in your usual household waste bin.