Disappear Wax - Ear Wax Removal Service
Disappear Wax - Ear Wax Removal Service
Disappear Wax - Ear Wax Removal Service



Coronavirus (COVID-19) UPDATE.

As of 1st May 2020 the government has deemed Ear wax removal as an essential service for the public. We have adapted our working methods to ensure extra measures are in place to protect the health and safety of our clients as well as our staff.

For more information regarding our updated safety measures please click here


  • Ear wax removal in the comfort of your own home.

  • Carried out by Endoscopic Microsuction.

  • ENT-trained ear wax removal specialist.


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Ear Wax Removal - Home Visit


We will perform the ear wax removal in the comfort of your own home

Microsuction via Video Endoscope


Ear wax removal by Endoscopic Microsuction

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is Endoscopic Microsuction safe?

A: The procedure is considered one of the safest methods of ear wax removal due to the ear canal and eardrum being under clear and constant view. The procedure does not involve any water being flushed into the ear canal, like syringing or irrigation, so the risk of infection is significantly reduced.


Q: Are there any risks involved with Endoscopic microsuction?

A: No ear wax removal method is 100% 'risk free', so, as with other methods the risks/side effects can include:

-Ear canal/eardrum trauma.

-For some, suction noise may cause a temporary or permanent hearing loss. It can also cause or aggravate existing tinnitus (although this is rare).

-Some may experience faintness or dizziness due to the suction cooling the temperature in the ear canal (this is usually short lasting).


Q: Does Endoscopic Microsuction hurt?

A: Most will find the procedure comfortable and pain free. Some may find the suction machine a little noisy but very rarely overbearing.


Q: How often should I have ear wax removed?

A: This will differ from person to person. For some, they may require ear wax removal every 3 to 4 months, others may require once/twice a year and there are also those who go several years before requiring another appointment.

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